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See how blueprint software will free up your time to do other activities.

When was the last time you tried to email a blueprint to a group of people? How did it go? I bet it took forever to send, tying up your computer and making the people at the other end angry too. Thatís if they even got it. Because when you send large files over email it has to be sent to each person separately. Then they have to download, onto their computer, the instant they check email.

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If the file is too large many email provides will simply block the file and delete it. Or if the person is checking email on a Blackberry, IPhone or other smart type phone they simply wonít be able to access it. This creates the headaches of needing to send the blueprint again just to one person at some other address and hoping this time it works.

Thereís a couple of option around this problem.

  • You could cut the blueprint into many smaller documents and send them separately. However, this is a lot of work for you.
  • You could use a file sharing company like but this can cost money, and who knows who really can get access to the file.
  • Use PlanSwiftís integrated Blueprint Sharing feature. This one of a kind feature allows you to share blueprints fast and easy. You simply send the print to PlanSwift's fast server then send a small link to everybody that needs the plans. They can download the blueprint when it is best for them. No more hassle.

To try it and see how easy the program is sign up for the 14-day free trial of PlanSwift. Theyíll even give you free one-on-one training to make sure you get the most out of the software.

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